Geopointe and Casino Data Mapping

Casa Gaming Systems’ revolutionary cloud gaming products give Casino Operators access to Geographical Heatmaps.  See your casino players on a map.  We don't integrate with Mappoint, but you will want to try GeoPointe. 


Casino Email Marketing with MailChimp

If your Casino Marketing team is still using MailChimp you are in luck.  Since we are for Casinos, Salesforce already has an app to connect MailChimp to your Existing Casino Marketing Email efforts.


Docusign For Casinos

Introduce acccountability for your staff and supervisors.  Track all signoffs.  Having Trouble with your Casino Opt-In Lists, like Casino email opt-ins, voice broadcast opt-ins, and SMS opt-ins.  Use Docusign to add accountability to your Casino Management System and Your Gaming Floor.

Link Your Casino to the AppExchange Library has many apps on the appexchange for casinos.  You can bring the power of and all of it's integrations to your casino with Casa Gaming Systems.  Casa Gaming Systems can work with Most Casino Systems.


When You work with Casa Gaming you work with

Get instant access to the following Salesforce Products:

Marketing Cloud -- Service Cloud -- Chatter -- Analytics Cloud -- Community Cloud

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